HD Digital Camera POLO D7100 33Million Pixel Auto Focus Professional SLR Video Camera 24X Optical Zoom Three Lens


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Additional information

Brand Name


Optical Zoom

17x – 30x



Image Stabilization

Double Image Stabilization

Special Feature

Lens-Style Cameras

Image Resolution (Video)

Full HD (1920×1080)

Sensor Element Type


Sensor Size (inches)

1/3.2 inches

Focal Length

55 – 110mm, >10cm




> 24.0MP

Model Number


Storage Type

SD Card

Screen Type

Standard Screen

Display Size


Recording Format

Picture: JPEG Video: AVI Audio:WAV

Lens Type


Memory Card Type

SD Card

Sensor Type


Viewfinder Type


Power Mode

Lithium Battery

SLR Format

Full Frame

Set Type

Double-Scene Sets



External Flash



  1. L***n

    The goods arrive soon. The packaging is very firm, there is no damage on arrival, all indicators are normal and consistent with the business description, very excellent camera.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  2. P***r

    Wow, this camera is awesome, and the logistics is very powerful. The camera is super suitable for beginners. It’s fun to play. It takes a lot of fun to play. The camera is high in value and takes out OK in the backpack. It strongly recommends acridine. This shopping is really super value. Super happy.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  3. R***n

    Arrived, it was really super good. The photos taken were really good and the appearance was very good. Although they all like to take photos with mobile phones, they can take pictures with cameras.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  4. C***s

    I like to record for a long time, I always use my mobile phone to take pictures. I know that my friends all say good things to see before they realize that they are doing well. Then I bought a camera to experience it. It’s very good to have a price performance ratio. I still think it is very good to have a lot of parameters for me, who always take photos with mobile phones, but it is recommended by the future Customer service attitude is also particularly good!

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  5. T***r

    Camera is very good to use, pixel is better than mobile phone pixel, very good camera, recommend this purchase, service attitude is very good, five-star praise!

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  6. T***e

    At first, I was worried about the bad things. I found that I was over worried when I got it. Five star high praise, affordable price and high quality. It’s a very good shopping and I’ll come next time.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  7. D***n

    I took the picture with uneasy mood. The result is that the finished product is surprisingly good. It’s really an unexpected surprise. It’s authentic. The picture is great. I like it so much.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  8. A***n

    It’s great. I’ve never been in touch with a camera. I don’t know where to start with it. Customer service has been actively answering questions. I’m very satisfied. The imaging pixels of the camera are pretty good. I’ll study the other functions of the camera carefully and go out to sweep the street and take more pictures!

    Color: D7100 US Bundle: Standard

  9. M***r

    The camera has a high face. The picture is clear, for a small white, it is still very convenient to use. At present, it is still in the process of exploration and learning.

    Color: D7100 US Bundle: Standard

  10. M***l

    The camera received it. It’s not bad. The photos are very clear and good-looking. The quality is good. The reaction speed is very fast. The imaging effect is very clear and the appearance is very good.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  11. M***s

    The camera has high pixel clear picture enough memory and durable battery which is worth buying.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  12. P***r

    The camera is great. It s really clear The machine is also easy to carry and has high appearance.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  13. M***z

    As a gift for my husband he usually likes photography. Although he is still a little white he likes the camera very much. The quality of the photos is very good especially clear. I like it.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  14. 3***r

    Logistics is very fast photography is clear reaction speed is fast the effect of photography is good looking straight to buy.

    Color: D7100 US Bundle: Standard

  15. G***r

    Goods have been received try the next clear picture good shooting effect after it wants to shoot on how to shoot

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  16. J***s

    The quality is OK the operation is simple the effect is good recommend everybody to buy at ease

    Color: D7100 US Bundle: Standard

  17. M***y

    Good quality. I like this one. The photo is very clear. I m very satisfied with shopping. I m happy. My friends say it s good looking and affordable

    Color: D7100 US Bundle: Standard

  18. C***N

    Camera received the camera into a clear fast focus simple operation very suitable for me such a small white really like the camera a satisfied online shopping praise.

    Color: D7100 US Bundle: Standard

  19. A***e

    The effect is very good novice this problem is not big also very worried about things are not good get hand found completely worry five star praise.

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

  20. C***r

    Received the baby the express delivery is very fast the packaging is good the quality is high the price is affordable and it is trustworthy…

    Color: D7100 EU Bundle: Standard

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